Yes, I Know I Have A Blog

…but between working on Feminspire and working at my real job and surviving a hurricane, it’s been a little rough! My goal is to start writing in this blog at least 3 times a week, and if I can keep it up past Christmas, I can start calling myself a blogger again.


Meanwhile, here are some photos from the past few months:

Fall in Harlem River Park:




A toilet up for grabs on 14th Street:

Pumpkin graveyard outside St. Marks Market in the East Village:

Some pretty fall leaves in New England:


Even pirates need smoke breaks in the Garment District:

It’s Official: Jay-Z Killed Twee Brooklyn (but don’t worry, you can still get artisan mayo):


And of course, the inevitable Frankenstorm Sandy photos. I went down to Coney Island to volunteer with the United Way after the storm hit, but did not take pictures. Pictures wouldn’t adequately convey the nightmare that residents of Coney Island (and Staten Island and the Rockaways among other places) are still living in.

Delivery as the storm gets going:


Before the worst of the storm even hit, Monday afternoon:

My neighborhood was spared the worst of it, but there was still damage:



Roosevelt Island Tram was one of the first transportation methods to be restored. Unfortunately, as I live in Astoria, not Roosevelt Island, I had to walk home from Manhattan on Halloween:


Incredible gridlock on Halloween, even for NYC:


The Empire State Building, lit up, during dusk in the Dark Zone right before they restored power to most of Lower Manhattan:


Directing traffic by flashlight:


The Flatiron Building, dark, at the edge of the Dark Zone:


Union Square, lit by Con Ed trucks, framed by dark buildings:


Bars stayed open in the blackout (this was after power came back on though):


Lined up for gas on Ave C. The other side of this gas station was a snarl of cars, police officers, and fighting. Cars were backed up for blocks up Ave C.


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What I’ve been up to…

Check out my flash fiction in Black Heart Magazine this week!


Also you should follow me on Twitter! One of my goals is to become Twitter famous. I’m not doing so well. :(

I was on HuffPost Live last night, too!


I’ve been struggling with this idea of balance. I work full-time at a job that is often laid-back but is also often quite stressful. (Like today!) I work full-time at another job that I love. (Feminspire.) That alone can have me doing 12 hour workdays, and I don’t want to sacrifice writing fiction…yet that’s what’s happened.
The thing is, I’m very much an all or nothing person. I’ve been frustrated because I haven’t been working on my fiction like I would want, so I don’t work on it at all. I used to do at least an hour of writing a day that was entirely fiction–but now that time is subsumed into Feminspire time.

I think I am going to have to try to start fitting in one hour of fiction time a week. Once I’m successful with that, I think it’ll be easy enough to build more.

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Dissident Feminism

I wrote an article yesterday on Deborah Schoeneman and her piece in Jezebel about how if you like pizza, cupcakes, board games, sparkly nail polish, colorful nail polish, or joy you’re a woman-child and we should pity you. It got a really good response and immediately after it was published I had lots of people telling me how awesome I was. If you are an egomaniac like me, this is the best motivation to continue getting better with writing.

Here’s the article. To be honest, I feel like I could have done better with some time. The Kindle single was 40 pages or so, I started it at 5 and the article was posted at 11. I also ate, traveled to my mom’s in the suburbs, and helped a Chicago public school teacher develop her piece.

I have this mild, simmering obsession with women like Schoeneman and Katie Roiphe and Camille Paglia. I told myself I wasn’t going to read Katie Roiphe’s latest book but I did. I’ve read nearly everything she’s written and she just seems like the most awful person but arguing with her in my head has been a beloved pastime of mine since I was sixteen. Camille Paglia calls herself a dissident feminist, which makes me wonder if she (and Roiphe and Schoeneman) are dissident feminists, or anti-feminists who use the language of feminism to undermine it?

Because in our current world, where the Choice is enshrined, how can we distinguish between dissident feminism and anti-feminism?

There is nothing that sounds worse that surrounding myself with people who just always agree with me all the time. Part of it is that I like to argue when I am not drinking and when I can do it over the internet, because I’m really bad at talking. I literally mean that speaking is difficult for me and I stutter, forget where I’m going, say the wrong word all the time and then if I can’t express myself I get angry. Maybe I should take elocution classes. Do they even still have those? Anyway, I like the word dissident and what it implies.

Maybe I should write an article for Feminspire called “Is Camille Paglia A Feminist?” and be careful not to get mired in a discussion of Camille Paglia’s relationship to French philosophers like Foucault and Lacan, which I find to be the most interesting thing she talks about but then I would have to explain Lacan and Foucault to people.

Maybe I should have done a PhD in feminist epistemology like I wanted to. I didn’t really seriously want to do it.

But anyway if you have some serious thoughts about this please share.



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Blog Identity Crisis

So I haven’t written in this thing in the past month. During that month, I’ve moved, gone on vacation, worked a lot on Feminspire, and decided to start an online literary magazine to showcase some of my writer friends. That’s a lot of projects!

I’ve also made time to drink champagne in a limo at 10 am.
But it’s not like I spend all that much time on this blog, so what gives? What made me neglect it for so long? I think that I found it to be vapid. We often think of vapid as an offensive word, because it’s so often used to describe women. You might think it means lacking depth, but it doesn’t. It means lacking liveliness–flat, dull.
Instead of trying to update every day, I want to update 3-4 times a week. Instead of pictures and food and whatever it was that I was writing about, I want to focus on the more serious stuff. I want this to be my public writing journal, a place where I can first test out ideas, passages, scenes.


So if you just want more talk about lipstick, it probably won’t happen here. But I am working on a post about Law and Order: SVU and crying on the subway.

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The World’s A Scary Place

I have a tree nut allergy. This means that when I eat a walnut, cashew, pecan, etc. (not peanuts though) my throat can swell shut and I can die.

I’ve been dealing with this pretty much my whole life, which makes me pretty used to checking ingredients and asking, except that I’m also generally a reckless person, so I also will often skip this step and take the risk.

Last night, I was tasting some homemade taramasalata at a market and did not check the ingredients. Taramasalata, for those of you raised on bland American diets, is a fish roe, potato or bread crumbs, and lemon juice spread and it is awesome. It’s been a staple of my family’s fridges for years. (Both my Italian mother’s and my essentially-married-into-a-Greek-family father’s.) But they put almonds in theirs!

Almonds are less allergy inducing to me than other tree nuts (a common occurrence among tree-nut allergic people) so I didn’t have to Epi myself, I just had to take a massive dose of anti-histamines. By the time I’d taken them, I was getting short of breath and my cheeks were swollen and there was a horrible red rash with broken blood vessels on my neck, chest and arms. I’m okay now, but it was rough going for a moment.


Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to not have to live my life on constant watch for poisonous food. I would love to try pecan pie and macarons, but mostly I would just like to not have to always think about what’s in my food.

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I need new music! It’s been like, over a month that I’ve been listening to the same playlist on repeat (the playlist is comprised of mostly Lana Del Rey songs with some the Islands, Lykke Li, Gang Gang Dance and Major Lazer sprinkled in there to make me feel better about my life and my choices.)


So here’s a game: recommend me music and I’ll give whoever I decide has the best recommendations (i.e. something I’ve never heard of and something I end up liking) a prize!



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I just booked plane tickets to San Francisco for the end of the month! I am so excited! I’ve never been there–all my California adventures have been to Los Angeles.


But anyway, here are some photos from recent adventures:


From a roof in Hell’s Kitchen

Times Square twice on a Saturday? Who am I?

The first time was because I left something important in my midtown office, so I took BF to the Times Square Shake Shack to reward him for trekking out there with me.

Wisdom from dive bar bathrooms in the East Village

Taco time!

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If wishes were fishes…

I wish I ran a literary magazine.


I’ve been reading Lucky Peach, hipster chef David Chang’s food-based literary magazine, and all I can think about is how I could put together something so much better.


Maybe I’ll start a literary website and get people to submit things.

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Moment of Silence For Aurora, Colorado…

I wrote a piece about it that was published here

I like to think it’s Sorkin-esque. In content and voice, if not quality. ;)

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swamped today, so just a quick one…

I survived the entire day with white jeans and there were no calamities.


I FINALLY got my hands on the Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stains, which are stupidly-named but awesome and apparently everyone in NYC wants them because the displays are like…ripped apart wastelands. I got Rendezvous and Crush and I’m wearing Rendezvous right now and it’s awesome.

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